11 April 2011

Romans Revenge


Who knows how a girl can turn into Queen Bee bitch?

I do.

You never think that it is possible or gonna happen to you, until it HAPPENS to you.
One day you're fine and next day, yesterdays best friend is today's worst enemy.

But fuck it, I am out for myself and no one else!
Today my brother Tazar said some clever words.
'Opt to be a sheep and live a life of boredom. opt to be a wolf and live a life of loneliness'

Well seems i'm the only one howling out here.
It's funny how you are BORN to do something, or to be a certain way.
How can a little baby be.. i don't know.. destined?! -I guess, no matter how out there that sounds - to do something or be someone.

I dunno, but I was.
and do you know how?

Not because of any reason like,
'I was born to do music'
'I was born to do this'
blah blah

I just haven't changed!

It sounds stupid and maybe a little pretentious, but i really haven't.
There are little things that have influence over me or the way I think etc.

No.1 - My Mom No.2 - My Music No.3 - Love.

That's it, and considering the love thing is skeptical you can consider that a definite two!

I remember being in primary school and having my own little swag and way of doing things.

I've basically come to a point where I've had to take my head out of the sand and face my future.
That's scary.

But to be honest it had to be done.

So I'm standing staring at my future and its basically looking up at me from my hands and saying, please don't throw me away!

No one is born to do anything.
It's bullshit.
You weren't born to do music or born to be a great photographer, blogger whatever you are.

You were born to be the best version of yourself and born to do everything the way that you are.
If you apply that to music or photography or whatever then good for you, you're putting that to use and THAT is what you were born to do.

So fuck everyone else!

I'm on my own vibe, and my revenge on all those bitches is my success.

'Parris they just mad cause you took the spot. WORD!? You bitches mad cause i took the spot? Well... BITCH IF YOU AIN'T SHITTIN' THEN GET OFF THE POT.'