26 March 2011


So literally not in the best moods..
1 - I should have done an essay
2 - I am no where near starting that essay
3 - Money, every 18 year old girls problem right?!

O.K... so it's not that bad, but the urge to just sleep doesn't help the whole situation.

Sooooo.. UPDATE!

I've shaved my hair, I have a tattoo
& I have a Blackberry(yes yes i know i finally gave in, but i'm still loyal to my apple family!)


I'm still just as uncool as I was before!
& proud.

So glad i'm back on here to be honest, I was going a little crazy with all the thoughts in my head, that are now stored in my Blackberry (but will soon be appearing on here)

Shit has changed as well..
I mean real shit has gone down!

but we'll get to that!
So for now, i'll get off mumbling on, try and gain back the few readers of my blog that I did have and go continue my life.


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