29 November 2010

Wanting is my Need

People always try and distinguish the differences between want and need.
They say if you want it, you don't need it and if you need it, you don't want it?!
But really, if you want it, you do need it.
Love; if you want a partner and you want that feeling of security, then i'm sure you need it. I'm sure it will make you a better person; if you don't abuse it. SO you do need it.

Money; if you want money. I'm sure there's some reason behind wanting it. You might want to buy a better house! As far as I know a house is a need and neccesity.
As far as I know, nobody wants just for wants sake. There is always a theme of needity behind it.
Wanting is the same as needing. I think it's just been given a different name because the reasons behind wanting something maybe aren't as prominent or urgent as needing something.
Just because you have to go out and get it or say it is what you want to gain, doesn't mean that is it any less important. Generally people that go out and tend to their wants and needs,
get everything they want and need!

The same with needing. It's usually because someone else wants it for us that we don't usually WANT it. A need is something thrust upon us. Either by society or a person, a situation or consequence. We don't usually want it because it wouldn't have been our first option.
Just think. Nobody wants to walk around wearing fifteen different layers, hats, gloves and scarves. But because of the cold weather we HAVE too. We NEED too. Everything we need, we know deep down that we really want.
So essentially want and need are the same things in a roundabout way. So next time someone asks 'why?!' or says 'there's no point you don't need it'. Say that you wanted it and really... there is no difference between them. And next time you need something, consider that it's something you might want aswell.

Ain't no question, if I want it, I need it - 'Ye

8 November 2010


What are you gonna do with your life!?

I HATE this question.

I HATE thinking aboutthis question.

I HATE answering this question.

I don't have an answer!

atleast, not yet?!

I know its all about the usual stuff..Uni, Work, family etc.

Why've I got to do that!?

Now i'm not diminishing the value of any of those things, and I want them all..

But what the hell happened to spontaneity?!


Mine has been crushed lately. hmm for a while.

I generally blame it on being in the same place for too long.

And I think that is it.
I'm such a fidget, but you know when you generally LOSE your mind from seeing the same things, knowing how a person is going to act, knowing what is going to happen next.

Like wtf!?

Spirit is so important and I don't know how to explain it.

The only way I can try to describe is;

you know when you get a tingly warm..complete!? feeling inside and your brain goes

'yeah, yeah i got this'
When you have a sparkle in your eye.

When you get excited for something to happen because you don't know what the outcome might be.

And when you are excited by ..life!

When you are the kid that everyone turns to because you are permanantly happy.

Not a forced happiness but a warm, belly gut feeling happy

And shit might be hitting the fan,

but you still have the mentality to do something about it, because you know that you will get through it, and it will be better.


that's it.

I didn't realise how important it is to have determination like 95% of the time.

There's so much I feel I want to do, not even long term, short term i'm talking and if someone was looking in on this situation, they would be like, DO IT THEN

But there is something in the way, and thats me..

Without strong spirit, I make up every excuse or say 'tomorrow..'

It's so wrong, because that's not me.

I'm laid back, not lazy.

I'm authoritive, not bossy!

I'm an action first, think later person.