24 July 2010

The Neighbours Know My Name..

Is it possible to have just a physical attraction to someone?!

Because however sex/attraction is viewed now, there is too much of a personal thing for it not to be ... more!?

Casual relationships, sex buddies, no labels. Where did tradition go/! Casual relationships never work.. FACT
Its not even that one person gets to attached or feelings get caught up. Its because there is no trust. Ho can you ever trust someone who is willing to drop you at any time?! You are constantly on edge. And scarier than that; you have the power to do the same thing.
I've said this before, fucking someone over hurts more than being fucked over. So when does a casual relationship become not casual, or not a relationship?!
To be able to trust someone with not only your physical being but your emotions doesn't ever happened 'casually'
Sex isn't non personal..
You're letting someone see you stripped naked, literally and metaphorically. That is you at your most vulnerable, so how can you ever casually become so.. naked?!
I think people are always free to do whatever they like with their lives, bodies, money, friends and lovers; but never foregt that once you become vunerable, you become manipulated. A piece of play dough in their hand.
So when you cry because you feel used or taken afdvantage of, its because you neglected that piece of yourself when you causually gave it away to whoever.
Nothing abotu love, or sex is 'casual', not matter how casual you try to play it ot even end up keepign it liek that.
It just .. don't forget your wort, dont think you have to be casual if you want to have fun, or get out.

So when they 'neighbours know your name' , its being called by the same person who isn't neglecting your naked stripped vulnerability.

know your worth.

18 July 2010

I Learnt A Lesson From It Though, You Never Get To See It Coming You Just Get To See It Go.

I really did learn a lesson.
All the things I should have said when I saw it coming, and saw it slipping, but i know its too late now i've seen it go.
Cause its not about knowing what you had when you lose it.

You know what you have, the reason it stings so much when you lose it, is because you know you shouldn't have lost it.
The pain of losing something is nothing compared to remembering what it was.

"Do you ever find yourself forgetting why you like someone!?"

I think that me and you should get out and be something someone, be us.
I feel like we've settled into this routine, and i can't help but dislike it. I just need to remember why I fell for you in the first place.

Well the thing is I know.
The fact that I can spend whole days with you and not get bored..
You always make me feel like the most beautiful person in the world..
I don't have to put on a show..
I can just laugh all day..

I just need that feeling back again cause i know everythings there to make it work, i just need the spark!.. I guess that would be found at the beginning.. so lets find it?!
But if we're not excited anymore.. I don't wanna lose it.

I think we just forgot about it right?!

Feelings change, people get hurt.
But I'd rather see you happy without me,
then bored and stuck in love with me.

Because when you don't feel like i'm the only person you want to talk to,
or the only one you want to see, it's alright..
but I know I won't be able to stand being around you when I can't make you have that feeling anymore.

So let's not forget why we both fell in the first place!?

""One day you will realise that you don't love me anymore and that I pushed you away with my own stupidity. I'm trying to stop that from happening but its battling with my other side that wants to tell you everything. IS ignorance really bliss!?"

I really don't know whether to let go or hold on.
I like hurting.
It reminds me that what we had meant something.

the thing about being a person that puts your all into everything.
You lose it ALL when its gone.