28 March 2010

Keeping Up With..

Kim Kardashian.

Keeping it real, by denying all knowledge of Wayne Bridges!
The rumour that they were now dating because of her split with Reggie Bush

has been denied as she posted on her twitter 'who the hell is Wayne Bridge's'

Personally I think this is hilariously funny.

Got Bridges a bit more publicity though!

26 March 2010

The Way You Blowing Up My Phone Won't Make Me Leave No Faster


'I don't think you understand that, ringing me, texting me and any other way of contacting me, is not there to stalk me'

DO you ever feel like your putting in so much effort over the littlest things to try and provoke another person to put in effort.

Yeah about that....
it doesn't work!

I try and try to tell people, and to try and stop doing it myself but it's one of our many failures as a human to break habit.

The sort of circumstances this happens in;

1. When you like someone, like really really like someone, but your still in the 'getting to know each other before we even go on a date' part.

2.When your in a relationship and it comes o that stage where no effort whatsoever is being put in.

3. When you really want something, a parent promises to buy you, but you know you have to get on their good side.

Lets get one thing straight here, the parent thing, until you are earning your own wage, or even better moved out. You will never...i repeat never.. get out of your parents blackmailing you into work, for 'prize'

Now the relationship stuff, thats harder

So the first one.

You cant help liking someone, I mean love is... a lot.

to put yourself through all that trouble.
Now I am a victim of it, probably every woman/girl is who walks this earth, yet we really shouldn't do it.
No matter how much you try.
No matter how pretty you think you can make yourself.
Or how differently you talk/approach/speak to them.

Darling, they ain't gonna fancy you, if its not there.

So don't do it.

get me.
its not harsh.
its a reality.

Don't drop your standards, though.. oh hell no.

You already dropped your standards by going for someone that wasn't worth your time or oxygen.

And the second one.

He/she makes no effort in your relationship.

By writing this, its a wake up call for me in past relationships.

What are you doing.

So you've established the fact that you both like each other.
And i'm hoping this is months down the line, where they have stopped makign effort, becaus eif its weeks.


So yeah, you need to realise, how this is gonna plan ou tfor you

1. major argument, he bucks his ideas up.
2 major argument, he doesn't buck up his ideas, and you dump him.

So good luck.

No i'm serious.
If your man isn't putting in the effort, only put in as much effort as he is.
two can play this game.
And no i'm not trying to promote playing games, however i am trying to promote equality!


no more.

About to go to the cinema, on a friday night.

What has mine and @LinziCoulter's lives become.



Akala - XXL

Now, to me this isn't Akala's greatest track ever.
I kinda miss, his fast flow and outgoing yet laid back lyrics.
In this track you get a glimpse of that at the end, I guess his chance to show that he hasn't let go of his old ways.
But for me, it just doesn't do it.

Anyways.. open to yr opinion, so comment!

I Got A Big Ego ...

Such a big ego..

And she has every right to!

Beyonce is looking fierce as usual.
However this time with Mr Kanyeezyyy, which is a mad look.
And his flow on it, tops the whole thing off.
The 'He' in this video might not be Mr. West though, and if she is opening up about Jigga, I wouldn't be surprised.
Probably the only couple in the world allowed to be egotistical, are Beyonce and Jay-Z, yet humble they stay.

This song sounds more like a slight innuendo to me.

Another great track from "I am...Sasha Fierce" album.

24 March 2010

Shawty's like a melody in my head

You probably wonder why I used that as a title for this song, but honesty, she's been stuck in my head all day!

And this song is one of the best on the album.

Never underestimate.

I hope ya'll realised

Check the new piercing.
lip if you can't see!

No - it didn't hurt
Yes - my mom now knows
No - I dont regret it
Yes - i love it.

And I do plan to have more!

LouisxSpring/Summer Collection

Louis Vuitton - personally one of my favourite designers - has once again pleased me.. overly overly happy.

The new Spring Summer Collection is styled to the 'T' and leaves the buyer, feeling nevertheless happy after purchasing these almost ten thousand pound boots.

Having a MAJOR shoe fetish, I wouldn't be surprised at why somebody's self control would weaken over the new collection.

Don't Stop Believing

I don't know how many of you have been watching Glee, but if you haven't you are missing out.
And I know a lot of you have bought into the whole 'its another high school musical' thing.
But it really isn't.. if you want dry humour and cheery music it really is the on, especially to cheer you up on a Monday night!

Also cop the album!

I have!

Eclipse Official Trailer

I don't know about you, but I CANNOT wait until June 30th 2010.
The official worldwide release date of Eclipse, the third tale in the Twilight Saga.
I'll be there ticket in hand, T-shirt on, with my other 'twihards'

So until then.. enjoy and savour.

17 March 2010

Unexpected Friendships

They're the best really aren't they?!

The one's where your not sure what basis you are on with the person, then they do something to show you that they really do want to be friends.

He drew me a picture.

That showed me.

I was overly happy.

6 March 2010

She's leaving home

So she's gone, its official.
And it feels like she's run away. She's left us on our tail end. thanks.
I fucking hate people that run away when it gets to hard and that's exactly what she done.
Are you that stupid.
When you have responsibilities, a family, a job you can't run away.

But just as you always have, did and will continue to, you've done it.

I'm not bothered I now have my perspective right.
Don't trust anybody, that hasn't proved their trust to you.

That's why friends are priceless, they're the family you get to chose.

Anyway, this was just a quick one.