20 December 2009

And it's obvious now.

'And i can truthfully say my perspectives changed.
It's clear that life and death live on the same page'

Wow! now really.
I should be hung, okay maybe not hung but hurt severely for my lack of blogging for the past few weeks..or is it months!?

I know I have neglected you, but please take me back.
I have good reason... let me tell you.

Well so much has changed, I know I regularly say that then forget three quarters of what I do then seem like that was a whole lie, but i promise, i have been busy!

SO i guess since my last blog i got back in touch with life..No hedonism involved, which i am not going to lie was maybe slightly disappointed at!

But otherwise my life is on track..

Well i know i said i was busy and i have been.

I've got a new phone!

HIP HOORAY for the iphone

Yeah this has practically saved my social life!

Yet the one major change that has come about my life hasn't got anything to do with what i have gained materialistically or wealth wise.

Its what has effected other people.

Pretty much like a domino effect.

'When the first domino is push the other are going to fall inevitably no matter how strong they are standing'


Due to a recent death, my perspective has changed so much..

Life isn't too short.
You don't need to rush your life in the prospect of dying young and wasting your life.

You need to live fully.
Don't rush anything!
Embrace the fact that life and death live too close to each other for you to avoid the inevitable.

Its not about what other people think, its about you!

If you sat inside since the day you were born and did nothing,
but enjoyed yourself very single second of it.
Then drop dead a young age

You haven't wasted it.
You enjoyed it.
To you
you lived.

It comes down to perspective.

Never judge a person as they have the right to judge you back.

See me.
(and i know I'm not saying live by my rules ..again)

but me, I believe living is a concept that is fully in your head.

You make every oppurtunity.

No, every oppurtunity is out there, every oppurtuinity is possible and waiting to be taken.
But its up to you whether you take it.

Now I don't wanna go all doctor Phil on you guys, but come on!

Nobody is ever to yougn to die, its inevitable, we're all going some day.

But remember whatever your age, your never too old to live either.

you wanna bunjee jump at sixty eight ..go for it!

wanna set up your own business at ninety four..go for it!

its your oppurtunities, your perspective your life.

feel it.
breathe it.
live it.

When you lose someone, agreed, apart of your lfie has been stolen.
But not unrightfully, simply not to your liking.

They had lived their life to the fullest they could, and simply had no more drive.

they still love you.
they still care for you.

They just cant be with you.

Wow well that hasnt been deep has it.

But you know me.

Always pulls a corker.
in the least sexual sense!

But seriously guys.

You gotta love life.

a complete bitch.

If life was personified.
She'd be a dominatrix.

and yes.. a 'she'

She would do all the stuff you know that hurts you.
All the stuff that you know you shouldnt enjoy but you do.
All the stuff thats gonna seem like it'll change your life forever while its happening
but really.....its just temporary, and you'll soon get over it.

And she'd be a 'she' because well she grabs every man by the balls squeezes as hard as she can till she gets her own way.

pretty much.

So 2010.

no wait.


haha you thought i forgot didn't you!?


Yeah so as the usual ethnic minority family in britain, we've stocked up the fridge good and proper.

So we ent get no hungry chile cause all de belly full.


300 pounds worth of food shopping, and we're still not done.


I love it though, we literally eat ourselves to death.
Sit around doing NOUT!
Watch too many films on tv
(gotta love bbc)
and drink away our sorrows.

Whoever invented christmas was a genius.
and quite obviously british.

what other nation would invent a holiday where we sit and fester in our own morbid obesity?!

Well maybe americans too?

But i say invented christmas like i'm not religious.

And yeah I am.
find me a caribbean that ain't!

Yeah i believe in jesus and god .. blah blah
but not christmas.

Its commerecialised and materialistic..basically.

if your a real catholic your supposed to believe god ad jesus have no end and no beginning?
so how the hell is christmas jesus' brith?


I'll probably get hate mail after this right?

but i dont write this for you to agree with everything.
i write this because...i can.

So christmas..

buy me presents, get me fat on food, get me drunk.
dont tell me this is jesus' birthday.

its a holiday for catholics not to worry about religion for a few days alie.


But anyways i'm really feeeling the christmas spirit.

good will to all men and that, yeah i get it.

and yes i do have back 'christams feeling'
after two years of it going AWOL its back.

has that happened for anybody else?

so 2010.


I guess i wanna fester for a couple weeks before my plan goes into action.

But i promise that i will keep you much more updated.

and tell a friend to tell a friend about my blog.


i'll love you forever.