29 August 2009

Results Are In... And The Person Going Successfully Down The Path Of Life Is..

Well Results are in, and to be honest.. I aced it! YES! I am soo happy with my results!
No matter how much pressure was put on me and all my predicted A's/A*'s I did well for myself!
All in all I got 2 A's ( PE YESSSS!!!!) 4 Bs and 5 C's and 1 D . So All in all, I got into sixth form and bring on the learning! Aha! So in this change of heart, I am going back to school, I am goign to become so focused that I ace all my A Levels, Leave go to Loughborough, Design manically and get back into Trainign to becaome a world class athlete.. obviously while partyin' in the middle!
I was so nervous goign to pick them up, i literally wouldn't come out of my room, but i eventually pulled myself out of the room, and got down the road. I think the best thing was pullign out the certificate and seeign my PE and Englsih Lit results! A's how the hell I did that in English I have no idea.. but I did! But Pe is so good for me! But now the weekend is looming near and I am looking forward to Notting Hill Carnival. So I'll be blogging about that next most likely, as I am inhumanely busy this weekend.. not to boast!
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24 August 2009

PINS Photoshoot

Well. I don't want this too be no long ting! But basically i had my first photoshoot for PINS a clothing company who are sickk! It was great, I went to Lewisham station with Momma Bear and Pin picked us up, I was nervous as hell, like I've said in previous blogs, no matter how confident i am, i'm still so scared of being judged by the outside! But as i climbed into the car, all my fears went as everyone was so nice! Basically the new shirt will drop soon, he teamed up with vans to create the icecream van shirt, so the whole shoot was in an icecream van! So yeah it was sick still, and everyone was dead nice, can't wait to be working with them again..Check out PINS, and i'll let you know when the photos and shirt drop, so ya'll can start buying it as quick as possible!! (and yeah i got a shirt, so if you see me rocking that ting, hell yes ask me where i got it from!)

19 August 2009

It's Ambition, Not Stupidity

Wow! This summer, (even though part way through) has been...Crazy! It's the only way for me to describe it. Opportunity seem to be popping up for me everywhere, and it leads me to think, maybe i am going to get where I want, maybe I will be the top, the number one, The Best!
I've recently got signed to a big modeling agency, which is great, being the person, I always have been, never did I think that I would be entering into a world where looks were everything. My opinions on life, have never really changed since i was much younger, so either I have really immature and naive views on life or I had really mature and open minded opinions on the world...I prefer the second. Never did I want to be put on display and judged for what I looked like on the outside, yet, here I am entering into this sort of world. AND I CAN'T WAIT. I don't know how to take my new change of opinion, seeing as my opinions have never really changed. But i'm gong to go at it head on!
SO.. aside from the modeling, I've also ventured into setting up my own business with two extremely reliable friends, and i really think our passion and creative nature alone, will lift it off the ground let alone anything else.. our sheer determination for life, even has me stepping back every once in a while and going, WOAH! Slow down, we can't take over the world before we're 20! But as long as we're having fun along the way, honestly nothing can stop us!
I've met so many new people and so many things have happened, that really have me thinking, wow, i've got this, trust.
Yet, soon my passion and enthusiasm for life will be set back a knotch. Unfortunately school will set me into routine again, and i won't have time to think about fun let alone be allowed to. Results will be in and i will be set back on the path of strict education and a path soemone else has approved for me. ARGH, i really don't even want to think about it, school never used to be so..erm..soul destroying!? noo.....erm..creatively crushing?! Boring!? Uninteresting?! God. maybe they were a bit strong, but after the stress of last year, i soon realise routine and predictability are not for me. This doesn't mean i am giving up on my education, its simply means I want to do other thigns besides, go to school, get grades, go to uni, get grades, get job have a family.. life over. I want to travel the world, i want to get a tattoo from every country, I want to meet new peopel every day. I want to live without limits. It's possible, i know that.. yet is it allowed?! how many people have actually turned around to the people they love, the ones who think they know best for us and gone, sorry but i'm doing it my way, i'm leavig all of you, i'm living for me now. I don't know, and i'm sure its not many but this is what i want to do. People talk about purpose of life, the meaning of life, why they're here. Well i think only you know your purpose, and if your purpose is to share it with other people then do it.. but hoe can you ever truly fulfill your life, if you don't live as much as you can.. So that's its i'ma do my thing for now, while i am legally restricted, but as soon as i hit that age, i'm gone, fending formyself!!!! Then when i'm a successful, famous young woman, i'll look back at this and go...

i told you so ;)

Daddy's Girl.

Pure Jokez, in the Hizouse. I thought I had to put this up, because its a classic picture. Ahh Gotta love these boys, just hanging out in Bluewater. I'm getting my business head on today, and taking after Daddy (and a little mommy too) I gotta sort out contracts, paperwork and then drop a few designs for this clothign range. It really does help to have parents that are in the game, Momma's designing skills will lift this! I am so determined. I got so many ideas... so i'll be blogging any designs to get your opinions!!

There All Part of The List, Things That I Miss..

Its great while it lasts. But then you get attached.. and that's never the idea.
I think at the age of sixteen, you should be able to have as much fun as possible and not worry about anything during your summer holidays... this plan has epically failed for me. Okay.. lets start from the beginning....
I've had a few boyfriends, some clever choices, some just lust, some i later regretted, but haven't we all. Relationships are the basis of much experience in life, however, the experience isn't always of the good kind. this year I found my self in a relationship with the boy that was THE BOY. Every girl wanted him, all the guys wanted to be him. It had been a few months since my last 'proper' boyfriend and I was so swept off my feet, it was unbelievable. We had met at a party and hit it off from the start, I spent all night joking and messing around with him, from that day I was besotted. We saw each other for about a month and a half.. this doesn't sound long but it was long enough for me and him to connect on a level that I didn't think possible. I could tell what made him laugh and he knew exactly what to say just enough to make me blush and wake up every morning with a smile on my face. Things were great, and my life was sound. We went out and every girl was the envy of me, I knew this, he was so beautiful that it was hard not to notice, but I didn't care about that, of course it was what first attracted me to him, but everyone took this for granted, they loved his look.. not him. We were different.

So time goes on... I don't hear from him, 3 days later I find out he has a new girlfriend, 3 days after I spent the whole day with him, 3 days after my heart was swollen with love for him, 3 days after he made me blush and laugh, 3 days after my love had been complete.
Another heart broken.
So all of this has brought me to my point of playing the field. I can't.. can someone really have that much of an effect on you after such a short period of time. Every time I get close to someone, I am reminded once more of him, how the boy smiles, just like he did. How the boy laughs, just like he did. How the boys makes me feel, not even close to how he did. He's moved on, or appears to, but could it just have been me, or was it really real for him too? Does she notice the way he smiles? Does she play with the curl on the back of his neck that never was never brushed in?
I know one thing from all of this, i won't feel the same for a while. I won't cry for you anymore though, I won't be sad for you anymore. I will be happy about the time we had, about the things you said. I will be happy about you.

"I guess you thought that I would put it all behind me
But it seems there's always something right there to remind me
Like a silly joke, or something on the t.v.
No it ain't easy

ps. i'm still not over you.