31 July 2009

Its Not All As It Seems

Well, as my first blog, i am unsure what to write completely, but i'll give it a go.
Wow! well lately my life, hasn't even had a chance to hold on, new friends, new experiences, new places, but most of all new feelings. Sitting here, listening to India Arie - I am not my hair.. the song could not be any truer. But its more than that, recently having encounters with new and different people, i realise that i do worry about what people think about my appearance, i worry whether i am wearing the right clothes for the right 'type' of person, or whether they will think less or more of me because of the shoes i decide to walk in, or the way i decide to wear my hair. Is swagger all about not caring what other people think, and going with yr own style or flow?
The answer is .. who knows?! People's opinions will never match up to eachothers entirely, but for me, worrying about what other people think, is a natural progression of life. If I dress differently because i want to hang with different people, then so be it. To change whats on the outside is not a bad thing, its what we have control over. By changing the outside, we can improve on the inside. So yes, its still on the inside what counts but don't dispell whats on the outside. It's what people see first, its what attracts you to people, they'll stick around for whats on the inside though.. never forget that.
My Swagger isn't immaculate or unscathed, its mine. I'll rock with the best, I'll walk the strongest, I'll talk the hardest. All by my standards. I'll rock the best I CAN. I'll walk the strongest I CAN. I'll talk the hardest I CAN.
So people,this has been kinda deep for my first blog, but I just went with it :)
Remember don't underestimate yourself.